Kitchen Exhaust Duct:

Ventilation is necessary in order to protect staff and machinery from being exposed to welding gases, solvent fumes, airborne pollutants, dust and other air toxins etc in buildings. The best solution for this is the Exhaust Duct, as it facilitates good local exhaust ventilation that is effective in eliminating unnecessary airborne materials from the environment. A Kitchen Exhaust Duct is typically used for exhausting grease, smoke and other hazardous pollutants in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. In terms of their construction and maintenance, these ducts are the strongest, and therefore form an essential part of the passive fire safety system of the building. In applications that require industrial ventilation, our exhaust ducts are efficient.

Kitchen exhaust ducts are constructed from mild steel, stainless steel or galvanised iron with the gauges specified.
MS Ducts are a feature that is intrinsically fire resistant. Additional paints / coats may further improve this.

Painting / Coating Option:

  • Red oxide Paint
  • Enamel Paint
  • Epoxy Paint
  • fire rated Paint
  • Fire retardant Paint

Types of system available

  • Bolt & Joints
  • Welded Joints

Code Compliance

  • NBC
  • NFPA
  • IMC

Gaskets offered by us are Fire-rated, non-porous, grease-proof, cooking oils and capable of withstanding high temperatures in the kitchen extract system.

Kitchen-Exhaust-Duct Kitchen-Exhaust-Duct