Flat Oval Spiral Duct:

For low, medium and high-pressure HVAC systems, flat oval ducts are suitable. We produce oval ducts that fulfil HVAC requirements.In contrast to other types of ducting, flat oval duct construction is acceptable where ceiling space is restricted and requires less joints and support.

Every single wall Flat Oval spiral ducts and fittings are made in compliance with ASTM & SMACNA requirements.


  • Galvanised Iron, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel. Standard connection are slip fit with couplings

Double Wall

  • Outer wall Galvanised, Inner wall Galvanised with accuflange rings double wall insulated sprial available with fiberglass / open cell nitrile rubber insulation as per requirement.Flat Oval Ducts are manufactured with a double bead between each lock seam using a lock seam technique to improve the reliability and durability.
flat oval ducts