Fire Damper

The fire damper is used to stop the transmission of fire within the duct in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems These Smoke Fire Dampers have walls and floors engineered for fire-resistance that prevent smoke from spreading within the ducts. These fire dampers are appropriate for ventilation and air conditioning systems because of these properties. The range is built with multiple opposed blade construction from heavy gauge galvanised iron mesh. In order to prevent smoke & fire from spreading, the blades are fitted with chrome plated spindles working in self-lubricating sintered bronze bushes with stainless steel side seal gaskets. These linkage are fully enclosed system.

Fire dampers are installed in air delivery systems for ducts and air transfer openings designed to close upon heat detection. Fire dampers shut down automatically in the case of a fire to avoid the transmission of fire & smoke by duct work to adjacent designated fire compartments.

Fusible link Fire Damper

  • In this the Damper is triggered by a fusible link at 720c.The fusible link is the system that keeps the damper blades in the open position. The fuse link will open when the fuse link hits the temperature limit set. will open. When the fuse link opens, the damper blades close & prevent the spread of fire for a set amount of time. The standard fusible link for metal-Fab fire damper if 1650F. Two other fusible links with 2120 F & 2860 F different temperature set points are available

Motorized Fire Damper

  • In this case the fire damper is closed by thermo electrically with a spring return actuator It is a failsafe design which enables the dampers to automatically resume the desired position when fire or smoke detected by control panel through fire CR module. The duct temperature sensor, via the actuator, makes controlled closure. Control Panel is provisioned open/close light indicators & a test button. The frame or the damper is suitable for duct connection. Fire dampers are designed for the lowest possible pressure drop.
Fire Dampers